Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair
Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair
Main forum for professionals of Ukrainian Mediaindustry

Events of TV & Radio Fair-2018


Presentation of new training courses of the Ukrteleradiopress Institute

30.05.2018, 11:00-12:00. Open podium.
Organizer: Ukrteleradiopress Institute.

• Course of TV hosts.
The artistic director – honored artist of Ukraine Illya Noyabrev. TV host with great experience, creator of several dozens of television formats. “Faces” of TV channels Inter, 1+1, TET, The First National.

• Course of sports journalism.
The artistic director – Andriy Plakhotnyuk. Sports journalist of the television channels Inter, 1+1, The First National, Chornomorka. “Voice” of Dynamo (Kyiv). Sports host of the matches of Dynamo (Kyiv) and the National team of Ukraine.

• Course of the dron operator.
A joint course with Fly Technology, the official importer of DJI drones manufacturer.
The possibilities of modern drones will be demonstrated at the TV and Radio Fair.

Seminar “Overview of Panasonic Professional Equipment 2018”

30.05.2018, 12:00-13:00. Conference-hall №1.
Organizer: Panasonic Ukraine

Seminar “Using NDI for SDI over IP in Transmission as an alternative to SDN or NFV”

30.05.2018, 12:00-12:30. Conference-hall №2.
Organizer: ETERE PTE Ltd

Seminar “Audio-Technica microphones and headphones for broadcasting and TV”

30.05.2018, 12:00-13:30. In-Jazz booth.
Speaker: Zsolt Zold (Audio-Technica Europe)

Seminar “SDI is no longer relevant, the transition to IP is inevitable”

30.05.2018, 13:00-15:00. Conference-hall №2.
Organizer: Comtel company
Speaker: Roman Bilous, Head of IT Department, Comtel company

The transition from NDI to IP is possible today, even without serious investment. Within the framework of the seminar, an example of building a full cycle of TV production based on IP technology NDI and Dante will be considered, and the advantages of such an approach and the huge potential for its development. At the seminar, you will be able to see how NDI works, to compare the quality of the NDI signal with traditional SDI, and to learn about many additional features that open with the use of IP-technologies.

Seminar “New flagman digital mixing console YAMAHA РМ10”

30.05.2018, 14:00-15:30. In-Jazz booth.
Speakers: Hiroaki Fujita, Jan Crutelle (YAMAHA Music GULF FZE)

VI International Conference Satellite TV: Strategies and risks of the Ukrainian market

30.05.2018. 14:00-17:00. Conference hall №1.
• TV & Radio Courier Company
• Mediasat on-line magazine
Conference Moderator: Iryna Sakhno, Executive editor, Mediasat on-line magazine

To the conference invites specialized experts and institutions: • TRO • Operators of satellite communication • Companies of telecommunication industry • Research services • Law firms • Regulatory state authorities • Other specialized organization
Statistics: •2015 – 116 visitors. •2016 – 103 visitors. •2017 – 132 visitors.

Work formats: Reports. Presentations. Panel discussions. Questions and answers.
Work languages (without translation): Ukrainian, Russian, English.

In the Conference Program
(The program is formed)

» Opening of the Conference
» Report “The market potential of satellite and pay TV in Ukraine”
The reporter: Iryna Grebinska, Senior Media Analyst of Research Department of the television audience Industrial Television Committee
» Presentation “Pay TV market forecasts in Ukraine”
Speaker: Sergiy Boyko, founder, director, Independent Rating Agency “Big Data Ua”.
» Presentation of AMOS – Spacecom
» Presentation of EUTELSAT
» Presentation of SES

Topics for discussion:
• On the Eve of Satellite Encryption
• The Future of DTH: is it a new start?
• The issue of state information security

Discussion participants:
– Valentyn Koval, Member of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting
– Oleg Chernysh, Member of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting
– Jehuda Amir, VP Sales for CIS, AMOS – Spacecom
– Fedir Hrechaninov, Director of Strategic Development StarLightMedia
– Onno Zonneveld, Head of SES Office in Ukraine and CIS
– Andriy Malchevskyi, Head of department of distribution and development of broadcasting network 1+1 Media

To join the discussion were invited the representatives of satellite operators; media groups "1+1 media, Inter Media Group, "Star Light Media, " Media Group Ukraine"; TV channels; Providers of pay TV; National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting; other branch organizations.

Charitable Action “Give a Book to Children • Defenders of Ukraine • Evacuated Universities!”

30-31.05.2018. Booth.
Organizer: Club “Give a Book!” – public cultural initiative

Statistics (19.05.2016-19.05.2018)
• 13 503 books were collected
• 13 032 books were passed
• 471 books: complactation / delivery


Presentation of the Book on the profession “Variable cinema: directing of screened works with changing subjects”

31.05.2018, 11:00-12:00. Conference-hall №2.
The host – Ivan Kanivets, the author of the book.
Organizers: Ivan Kanivets, the author of the book; TV&Radio Courier.

“Big Data Awards”: the first awarding ceremony for TV channels with the highest annual ratings in Big Data Rating system

31.05.2018, 12:00-13:30. Conference-hall №1.
Organizer: Independent Rating Agency “Big Data Ua”

Seminar “New flagman mixing console YAMAHA РМ10”

31.05.2018, 12:00-13:30. In-Jazz booth
Speakers: Hiroaki Fujita, Jan Crutelle (YAMAHA Music GULF FZE)

Seminar “Crowdfunding in Ukraine: How to ensure the collective funding of your project”

31.05.2018, 13:00-14:30. Conference-hall №2.
Organizer: RealProof, with support of TV&Radio Courier company
Moderator: Sergiy Maksymenko, Chairman of RealProf public organization, WEB development manager, Marketing
consultant, Crowdfunding agent, Participant of the Program “Workshop of Spilnokosht (crowdfunding) Agents”, he is engaged in the development of projects for the attraction of collective financing.
Speaker: Olga Lohvynovska, Coordinator of Spilnokosht (Crowdfunding)
• The World Bank Forecast: annual contributions to the Crowdfunding will grow by 2025 to $93 billion.
• Global tendencies of Crowdfunding projects (cultural, social, commercial, political, creative, personal).
• The Crowdfunding in Ukraine: Principle of action, peculiarities, perspectives.
• Ukrainian Crowdfunding platforms and successful projects (media, other spheres).
• The main stages and secrets of the success of the crowdfunding campaign.

IV Meeting of local TRO

31.05.2018, 14:00-15:30. Conference-hall №1.
• Independent Association of Broadcasters
• TV&Radio Courier company
Meetings Moderator: Olga Bolshakova, Head of advocacy and lobbying Centre, the Independent Association of Broadcasters

The target group: representatives of TRO, Regulatory state authorities, Companies of telecommunication industry and communication, Research services, Law firms, Profile organizations...
Work formats: Reports. Questions and answers. Discussions.
Work languages (without translation): Ukrainian, Russian.
The Meeting Program is formed.

Seminar “Toolkit for analysing and managing information space”

31.05.2018. 15:00-17:00. Conference-hall №2.
Organizers: NGO “Council of Information safety and сyber security”, PR&PA Institute

Block 1. Digital traces in big data. Automated tracking
The release of a new service for analysing the information space: tracking information operations (fake, “jeans”, information attacks, black PR and other hidden information campaigns), conducting journalistic investigations, determining information threats or activity of information campaigns, studying the effectiveness of their own campaigns and messages.

Block 2. Zone out of time: the ecology of own PR-space
Responsible use of PR-resource. Stability and weaknesses. Network nature of PR. The Nature of things, the harmony and the ecology of own PR-space as a key factor in achieving sustainable development in the context of global and local crises, aggressive infospace, and the activation of high-hume-technologies (technology of changing mass consciousness etc.). Principles of environmental use of PR.

• Ellina Shnurko-Tabakova, Chairman of the NGO "Information Security and Cybersecurity Council", Chairman of the Association of Information Technology Enterprises of Ukraine
• Kseniya Matskevych, President of the PR&PA Institute

Charitable Action “Give a Book to Children • Defenders of Ukraine • Evacuated Universities!”

30-31.05.18. Booth.
Organizer: Club “Give a Book!” – public cultural initiative

Statistics (19.05.2016-19.05.2018)
• 13 503 books were collected
• 13 032 books were passed
• 471 books: complactation / delivery