Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair
Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair
Main forum for professionals of Ukrainian Mediaindustry

Events of TV & Radio Fair-2017


Master-class "Ukrainian dubbing. Behind the scenes"

18.05.2017, 11:00-12:00. Open Space
Leader: Kateryna Braykovska, Director of dubbing, actress (director of the dubbing of the film "X-Men", "Sally")
With the assistance of the Voice Actors: Andrii Tverdak (the voice of Brad Pitt), Kateryna Sergeyeva (the voice of Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston)
Organizer: Kyiv Creative Union of Voice Actors

Panel discussion "Digital terrestrial TV - new opportunities for the transformation of society"

18.05.2017. 11:30-13:30. Conference hall №1
Organizer of the discussion: Ukrainian Tele-Com Festival / UATF
Moderator of the discussion - Alexander Kowalski, Ericsson.

Key issues for discussion:
• DTT as a part of the "Digital agenda of Ukraine - 2020"
• International experience of DTT using beyond entertainment
• The needs of Ukrainian society in DTT
• Ideal transition to DTT. Ukrainian realities and opportunities
• DTT - a new start-TV platform

Among the participants of the discussion:
- Valery Fischuk, Regional Manager Cisco Business Development in Ukraine and CIS countries, Vice-President of the Association "Innovative Development of Ukraine"
- Andrey Malchevsky, Director of the Broadcasting Development Department of the Group of Companies 1+1 Media

Final publications

• “Цифрове ефірне телебачення – нові можливості для трансформації суспільства
Олександр Ковальський, MEDIASAT, 20.06.2017

Workshop "Digital technologies for photographers and operators"

18.05.2017, 12:00-14:00. Open space

In the program of the workshop: demonstration of trends in the use of new technologies and opportunities of modern digital photo, video and computer equipment; Popular techniques of digital shooting and processing; Many years of practical experience.

Leader: Andrey Turtsevych.

Andrey Turtsevych – is a professional journalist, a photographer, an expert in the field of digital technology, artist and experimenter. Winner of a number of photographic competitions, including, Digital Photo Contest USA. He is the author of several hundred publications. 1000+ images published in the press, more than 10 magazine covers. Andrew is a member of international photo exhibitions, three of them – personal; the head of an Internet project atStudio «digital media technologies; a member of the jury of the company "Google Ukraine" (2015). For 10 years, he conducts workshops devoted to photography and business in cooperation with leading international brands (Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Samsung, Nikon, Canon, Pentax, ASUS, Wacom). The Traveler, visited 41 countries.

V International Conference Satellite TV: Strategies and risks of the Ukrainian market

18.05.2017. 14:00-17:00. Conference hall №2
• Organizers: TV & Radio Courier Company • Mediasat on-line magazine
Conference Moderator: Iryna Sakhno, Executive editor, Mediasat on-line magazine

The conference is free for visiting
Work formats: • Reports • Questions and answers • Panel discussions
Work languages (without translation): Ukrainian, Russian.

In the Conference Program

» Opening of the Conference
» Panel discussion. Topics for discution:
"Dynamics of satellite TV development"
"Development of paid satellite platforms Xtra TV, Viasat ..."
"Satellite signal coding: delay due to deferral of analogue disconnection?"
"Information security".
• Valentyn Koval, Member of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting
• Oleg Chernysh, Member of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting
• Jehuda Amir, VP Sales for CIS, AMOS - Spacecom.
• Onno Zonneveld, Head of SES Office in Ukraine and CIS
• Fedor Grechaninov, Director for Strategic Development StarLightMedia Groups
• Andrey Malchevsky, Director of the Broadcasting Development Department of the Group of Companies 1+1 Media
• Apostolos Triantafyllou – Senior Vice-President Sales CEE, Caucasus and Central Asia.
To the discussion were invited representatives of media groups Star Light Media, "Ukraine", "1+1 Media"; TV channels; Providers of pay TV.
• Round table: "Distribution of TV channels: Satellite vs IP"
• Delivering TV signal to IP. Operator-Operator Level Solutions
Speaker: Igor Lutsenko, product manager of the company "Kosmonova"

Final publications

• “Encrypting TV channels on the Satellite: Need and Risks
By Iryna Sakhno, MEDIASAT, May 30, 2017

Workshop «Ways to make money for a photographer»

18.05.2017, 14:00-16:00. Open space

Leader: Yuri Stakhov
Yuri Stakhov
- Wedding and family photographer of Ukraine and the CIS
- Cooperates with leading wedding agencies of Ukraine
- A few overseas shootings per year
- Workshops for photographers
- There were more than 2000 people trained
- Founder of
- Author of training programs for photographers
- Organized 3 photo conferences in Ukraine for 1500 persons
- Made 30 master classes and workshops for novice wedding photographers
- Regularly organizes webinars for marketing photographers
- Provides trainings on literate business for photographers

The leader of the master class Yuri Stakhov will talk about his wedding photographer's way, how he started, why he decided to take up a wedding photo and how he entered to the premium segment of a wedding photo. Also, Yuri will analyze the actual niches of photos and ways to attract customers through social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube).


Workshop "SPORT ON THE SCREEN: from impressionism to spectacle"

19.05.2017, 10:30-12:30. Open space

Author: Andrey Stepanenko
Organizer: TV&Radio Courier

III Meeting of local TRO
The main topic "Broadcasting of local communities: Founders. Financing. Program concept"

19.05.2017, 12:00-14:00. Conference hall №1

• TV&Radio Courier Company • Independent Association of Broadcasters
Meeting of local TRO carried out since 2015 annually, with the initiative of the TRO Ivano-Frankivsk region (• 2016: 41 participants / 32 organizations / 23 cities. • 2015: 37 participants / 30 organizations / 21 cities.)

Meetings Moderator:
• Olga Bolshakova, Head of advocacy and lobbying Centre, the Independent Association of Broadcasters
For participation in the Meeting are invited:
Sergey Kostynsky, member of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting
Oleg Chernysh, member of the National Council of Ukraine on television and radio broadcasting
• Representatives of specialized organizations.

The meeting is open (the entrance is free)
The target group: representatives of • TRO • Regulatory state authorities • Companies of telecommunication industry and communication • Research services • Law firms • Profile organizations...
Work formats: • Reports • Questions and answers • Discussions
Work languages (without translation): Ukrainian, Russian.
The Meeting Program is formed, the data is updating.
Offers important topics for local TRO for discussion within the framework of the Meeting!

Final publications

• “III Совещание местных ТРО: Индустрия готовится к большим переменам и ждёт чётких правил
Борис Скуратовский, MEDIASAT, 12.06.2017

Panel discussion "A school of author cinema and TV: How to train specialists?"

19.05.2017, 13: 00-15: 00. Conference hall №2
Organizer: TV&Radio Courier Company
Discussion moderator: Mykhailo Lebedev, Director-cameraman, member of the Guild of Cinematographers of NUCU. Teacher of operator skills, Leader of the master class "Operator's work" in the magazine "Teleradiocourier" (1998-2012), member of the Main Jury of the TV festival "Discover Ukraine!" (2005, 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012)

Discussion is open (free entry)
Working languages​(without translation): Ukrainian, Russian.

Master-class "Secrets of beautiful speech"

19.05.2017, 13:00-15:00. Open space
Leaders: Kateryna Sergeyeva, Voice Actor (the voice of Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston); Marta Molfar, Voice Actor, radio presenter (the voice of Michelle Williams)
With the participation of: Mykhailo Voichuk, Honored Artist of Ukraine, the voices of STB projects and Yevgeniya Sinchukova, brand Vojs of 1+1 media (Sullivan's voice from the "Monsters Corporation")
Organizer: Kyiv Creative Union of Voice Actors

Charity event

18-19.05.2017, 10:00-17:30

» "Share a Book with Kids!"

» "Book to Defender of Ukraine"

» "Books for Libraries"

Organizer: Club "Share a Book!"- a public cultural initiative
Charitable (free) collection and transfer of scientific and fiction to socially vulnerable groups of children, adults in need of such assistance. The campaign was launched on May 19, 2016 in the framework of the XXII Kyiv International TV and Radio Fair and is a long-term one.
Statistics (01.05.2017): • Collected: 5846 books. • Transmitted: 5129 books. • At the stage of picking, delivery: 717 books.
Your help is needed, join us!